Frank Löschmann

Creating Industries

For 30 years in the development of industrial companies first as an executive in the automotive industry for Volkswagen responsible for the design of new processes and company parts all over the world. In the past 10 years developing companies became the passion and content of his company SisTeam. The focus of the team behind SisTeam is on the implementation of goals with leaders in technology, alignment of leadership teams, and organizational realignments. Frank Löschmann and his team comes after consulting with active implementation.

SisTeam Sustainable Business
SisTeam Sustainable Business


  • Built Companies and factories for Volkswagen in Mexico, US, China, India
  • Launched more than 40 cars in facilities worldwide.
  • Lead companies (first tear and OEM) in Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Mexico, India and China.
  • Optimized production- and administration processes for BMW, Volkswagen, and several suppliers
  • Created agile project flows and process organizations for OEM´s and first tear suppliers (Modular platform design, multi-project landscape, adapted agile culture)
  • Built, growth and organizational changes of 70 industrial companies and organizations in the last 10 years