Fiona Coyne

Sustainable Textiles Sourcing Specialist

Fiona Coyne is an independent Textiles Sourcing Specialist with a passion for sustainability and CSR. With unparalleled experience in the textile industry and a network spanning three continents, she currently advises companies in the branch as to how best to redesign and optimise their textile supply chain, from fibre to garment.

Fiona Coyne, born 1969, originally from Scotland and now based in Germany, is an independent Textiles Sourcing Consultant with a passion for sustainability. She has 15 years’ executive level experience in sourcing and CSR, as well as in-depth knowledge of textiles processing and unique experience in cradle to grave cotton production, from the tiny farms of West Africa to the mega-mills of Asia. She excels strategically and financially, has a knack for identifying opportunities for improvement and pursuing them to fruition, is process-driven yet pragmatic, with excellent supplier management, negotiation, organisation and communication skills. A cultural chameleon, she speaks 5 languages, including fluent Mandarin, and has lived and worked in as many countries across the globe.