Mary Anchang President African Chamber of Commerce Cameroon
Mary Anchang, President ACC

Mrs Mary Anchang is a lawyer by profession specialized in intellectual property, woman entrepreneur, passionate fighter for a better Africa, and Director of African Chamber of Commerce Cameroon. She has the Founding Chair of the African Chamber of Trade and Commerce (ACC) that was created in 2015 with the purpose to innovate and find adapted African solutions to African problems in an all-inclusive manner.

Axel Angeli Digital Transformation Evangelist
Axel Angeli, Digital Transformation Evangelist

Axel Angeli, born 1961, created his own management consultancy Logosworld in 1984 and since then he travels the world to rescue projects and successfully enable C-level decision makers finding practical ways for their digital strategy and investments in future technology.

Jasper Bhaumick IT Transformation Strategy and Execution
Jasper Bhaumick, Mergers and Acquisitions

Jasper Bhaumick, born 1971, has a record of 20 years in the IT. After his successful studies of Business and Economics he started his career as a business consultant in the SAP area. In 2003 he became the CIO of a famous German defense company. After 12 years and two further CIO positions at a top wind turbine producer and a large German hospital group, he switched back to the consulting side.

Matthew Billingham Technology Guru
Matt Billingham, Technology Guru

Matt, born in 1969, has been working in IT since 1987 for many large companies in Europe and founder of Yireh Consulting Gmbh in Switzerland. One client describes him as her "guru for everything". Matt has an excellent track record of figuring things out and making the impossible happen and he is as comfortable managing a department of 200+ programmers as working on his own complex solutions, and can work and communicate with CEOs and data entry clerks.

Benjamin Braun Big Data Integration Specialist
Benjamin Braun, Expert for Data Integration

Benjamin Braun, born 1980, has a record of 18 years in the IT. He has the University Diploma in Technology (DUT) in Computer Science from IUT D'ORSAY. In 2005 he joined Tenor as project manager. His knowledge of technologies, his know-how and his expertise in EDI project management have enabled him to support hundreds of large accounts customers in the industry, the automotive sector or mass distribution. Today, he manages Tenor's EAI offer and brings to his benefit 15 years of expertise for urbanization projects of data exchange between software.

Martin vom Bruch IT Service Management
Martin vom Bruch, Cloud Strategy

Martin vom Bruch, born 1972, has more than 20 years of experience in IT. After a leading position in the transportation and logistics industry, the desire for creative freedom and for assuming more responsibility prompted him to found MVB CONSULTING GMBH, which he sold the company after ten successful years with up to 15 employees and joined as a member of the board Tuleva AG to build their cloud service strategy for Azure and AWS.

Dr. Jayanta Chakravorty Entrepreneur and thought leader
Jayanta Chakravorty

Jayanta Chakravorty is the Founder & Chief Mentor of Asentrek Global - A Global virtual platform for Entrepreneurs, Thought leaders, Academic , Tech Masters , Consultant & Coaches.

One of the Most sought after Speaker ,Educator ,Business Consultants & Thought Leader.

A Growth acceleration expert - Trained & Coached Entrepreneur, CEO, Manager, SME.


Ashant Chalasani Innovator and digitalisation entrepreneur
Ashant Chalasani, Technology Evangelist
Ashant Chalasani is a digitalisation entrepreneur in the renewable energy sector. He has impacted over 200 companies with ERP implementations, significantly boosting efficiency and profitability.
Fiona Coyne Sustainable Textiles Sourcing Specialist
Fiona Coyne, Sustainable Textiles Sourcing Specialist

Fiona Coyne is an independent Textiles Sourcing Specialist with a passion for sustainability and CSR. With unparalleled experience in the textile industry and a network spanning three continents, she currently advises companies in the branch as to how best to redesign and optimise their textile supply chain, from fibre to garment.

Rolf Dittberner Airport and Aviation Strategist
Rolf Dittberner, Airport Expert

Rolf Dittberner, born 1948, is a passionate civil engineer and has a AAA reputation in airport planning and execution. In the past 40 years he was in responsible roles in management and supervision of many critical airport projects, amongst them over 20 years with Frankfurt Airport where he managed with absolute competence to avoid the problems that caused the infamous delays in Berlin now.

Walter Feiler Enterprise Strategy Advisor
Enterprise Strategy Advisor

Walter Feiler has over 30 years of professional experience especially as Chief Operating Officer and in negotiating large enterprise deals with international companies. he has a passion for complex questions and simplifying the context while identifying pragmatic solutions.


Oumar Seck Expert for Private Sector Development in Africa
Oumar Seck, Expert  for Private Sector Development in Africa

Oumar Seck created and owns Emerging Africa Consulting, an international consulting and advisory firm based in Johannesburg with reach in Lagos, Nairobi and Kinshasa for Finance, Entrepreneurship, Private Sector Development (PSD), Oil-Gas-Mining, and Infrastructure. Oumar Seck is presently managing the EU-ACP PSD Platform, a Fund of Fund, as Team Leader and helped build Africa’s Entrepreneurial Finance Infrastructure.


Michael Fuchs Financial Change Management
Michael Fuchs, Financial IT Expert

Michael Fuchs, Managing Partner of Informatis has 25 years of IT consulting experience. He managed and accompanied as executive consultant large scale consolidations, restructurings and mergers and acquisitions for global market leaders. With his IT and financial know how, he supports international IT mergers and acquisitions projects across the departments.

Prasad Garapati Strategic Advisor
Strategic Advisor
  • Founder Chairman of InnoCorp. Ltd, India and Innoglobal DMCC Dubai
  • Chairman of Deed Edtech, Kastech Software Solutions, FZCO, Dubai
  • Ex-Chairman of Electronic & Software Promotion Council (ESC) (Sponsored by Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Govt. of India)
  • Ex-Member Managing Committee of Federation of Indian Export Organisations (FIEO)
  • Ex-Chairman of IT & Electronics Task Force Andhra Pradesh
  • Economic Development Board of Govt.
Prof Mahendra Gawali Professor and Sr. Data Scientist
Headshot of Prof Mahendra Gawali

Dr. Mahendra Gawali is a dedicated and passionate mentor for young talents to make them ready to face real time challenges. He has more than 15 years of experience in training and research to solve societal real time problems.

Gerald Gradwell SAP Technology Guru
Gerald Gradwell, Technology Expert

Born in 1954 in Canada, Gerald is a technically sophisticated and highly analytical SAP Professional offering more than 30 years of extensive experience in IT services and consulting. Armed with a Bachelors degree in Mathematics and Computer Science, he set forth to find the magic in all areas of computing, and that search for the magic continues to this day.

Lynton Grice Integration Expert
Lynton Grice, Master Programmer

Lynton Grice, born 1979, is a passionate programming artist with close to 20 years of integration and programming experience who is well known amongst his peers as a “troubleshooting and debugging master” and often called upon to solve very complex technical issues and advise decision makers on technology trends and strategy and lead their team of technical resources.

Dinis Guarda Digital Transformation Evangelist
Dinis Guarda, Expert Digital Marketing and AI

Dinis Guarda - Chairman and co-founder ztudium, techabc and open business platform. Dinis is an author, speaker, entrepreneur, advisor, and CEO.

Geordie Keitt Agile Transformation and Rescue
Georgie Keitt, Agile Transformation

Geordie Keitt has devoted over twenty-five years to rescuing transformation programs affecting technology, platform, and development methodology through a single-minded devotion to understanding work. During the first wave of web enabled business Geordie championed user-centered design and testing to streamline bloated and aimless webification efforts. He brought XP principles and the Hologramming mindset to high-stakes financial services projects, rejuvenating and launching them.

Mushtaq Khan SAP Fast Implementations and Middle East Expert
Mushtaq Khan

Mushtaquddin Khan is an accomplished global management professional offering over 30 years of cumulative, wide international experience of driving technology led business transformation programs across multiple industry sectors. He is a very capable senior executive with outstanding interpersonal skills combined with the intellect, drive & technical expertise to consistently deliver exceptional value to clients.


Dr. Martin Kraus Aerospace & Defense
Dr. Martin Kraus, Aerospace Expert

Born in 1962, Martin Kraus holds an engineering degree and a PhD in Aeronautical Sciences from the Technical University of Munich.
In his career, he worked 20 years in Airbus Defence with functions in Engineering and Program Management, finally as VP of a large Program Unit in Airbus Defence.

In 2009, he became SVP Engineering of the BU Air Defence and Naval Systems within the Rheinmetall Group. In 2015, he became CEO of the BU.

Dr.Bill Limond Head of Strategy for Digital Business Transformation
Dr. Bill Limond, Serial CIO

Bill Limond is Global Board-level 'trouble-shooter' who delivers businesses out of trouble and provides failing organisations with lasting, tailored solution. To achieve this he acts as interim CIO who can safely deliver Digital Business Transformation, Excellence & Competitive Edge.

Frank Löschmann Creating Industries
Dr. Frank Löschmann

For 30 years in the development of industrial companies first as an executive in the automotive industry for Volkswagen responsible for the design of new processes and company parts all over the world. In the past 10 years developing companies became the passion and content of his company SisTeam. The focus of the team behind SisTeam is on the implementation of goals with leaders in technology, alignment of leadership teams, and organizational realignments. Frank Löschmann and his team comes after consulting with active implementation.

Ramamohan Manamasa Entrepreneur
Rama Mohan Manamasa
Ram Mohan was born in 1967 in a small town in southern part of India. As a first-generation Entrepreneur he explored various businesses under the sun, tasted failures and few success. Today he runs various successful business for SAP Consulting, INFOR, Industries 4,.0 and IoT and more. With his strong networking skills he built relationships in India and overseas having partner presence in UAE, Europe, North America and Peru.
Parinitha Manohar Innovator and entrepreneur
Parinitha Manohar, Technology Evangelist

Parinitha is a technology evangelist who is keen on transforming the world for a better tomorrow. Parinitha is an Innovator and entrepreneur with 20+ years experience and has deep interest in digitalization of education to ensure that quality education can be availed by anyone anywhere and started along with friends and enterpreneurs Skillkidz.

Suhas Patel Industrial AI Expert
Suhas Patel
Prof. Deepak Pathare Mentor for International Business
Prof Dr Deepak M Pathare
Deepak Pathare has a bank of 41 years of multinational industry experience in various lead roles & has extensively travelled to over 70 countries in Asia, EU & Africa. He is a passionate educator & consultant for Global Account Management, Channel Management, Exports / Import & adviser on business development. Over 10 years he was visiting Professor for International business for renowned management schools.
Walter Prenzler Airport and Aviation Strategist
Walter Prenzler, Airline and Aviation Advisor

Walter Prenzler, born in 1952, is an aviation professional with more than 35 years’ experience in international and multicultural aviation businesses. He was former regional director for Lufthansa Dubai and held senior management positions in Germany, MEA and Asia for aviation consulting companies as well as for aviation IT solution providers.

Ravi Ramanathan Management Coach for Digital Transformation
Ravi Ramanathan, Management Coach

Ravi Ramanathan is a senior management mentor who teaches in his own way the needs and skills for next generation technology.

Ashwini Kumar Rath Innovator and entrepreneur
Ashwini Kumar Rath, Technology Evangelist
Ashwini’s unique blend of technical mastery and strategic foresight has been instrumental in pioneering developments in software and technology, especially in green computing and rapid application development. An inspiring speaker and a polymath, Ashwini seamlessly bridges diverse cultures and ideas, reflecting a deep commitment to sustainability and technological advancement.
Deepak Sareen Advisor to Policy Makers and International Business
Deepak K. Sareen

Mr Deepak Kumar Sareen dedicated his 40 years of experiences to successful implementation of techno commercial projects of national importance and export development and worked in various private and government positions..

Ralf Schirrmacher Airport and Aviation Strategist
Ralf Schirrmacher, Aviation Strategist

Ralf Schirrmacher, born 1961, has a long experience record of lead roles in aviation and airport building projects. He started his career with Frankfurt and Munich Airport and then brought his skills and knowledge to many airport projects all over the world. 

Karl F. Schmidt Industry 4.0 Specialist
Karl Friedrich Schmidt

Karl Friedrich Schmidt is a serial-entrepreneur and business enabler with more than 20 years’ experience in organizational and business development and the consulting of multi/nationals as well as SME. He is a lecturer at University for Applied Sciences Kaiserslautern for “Industry 4.0”.


Jorge Sebastiao CTO and Cyber Security Expert
Jorge Sebastiao, CTO and Cyber Security Expert

Jorge Sebastiao is a seasoned CTO with experience in AI, Blockchain, Cloud Computing, Cyber Security, Disaster Recovery, Big Data and a managed services professional focused on business value. He created the process A6 of security: Assess, Architect, Apply, Administer, Awareness and Agility. Mr. Sebastiao has been the speaker at numerous international conferences.

Faruk Sevinc SAP Supply Chain Management Expert
Faruk Sevinc, SAP SCM Expert
With worldwide 43 SAP Projects and 20 SAP Go-Lives Faruk Sevinc can look back to a long history of SAP Projects. Faruk helps SAP clients to implement SAP S/4 HANA and other SAP Digital Solutions in greenfield and brownfield projects and takes the management and functional lead as well as process design, reengineering and improvements.
Hans Sleijpen Data Mining and Data Visualization Advisor
Hans Sleijpen

Hans Sleijpen, born in 1965, has 30+ years’ experience in business control and business consultancy, both in the private sector (e.g. large chemicals producer) and the public sector (large public health group).

Jo Steuns Head of Academic Relations
Jo Steuns

Jo Steuns.

Marco Stikvoort Process Improvement Advisor
Marco Stikvoort, Big data analyst

Marco Stikvoort, born in 1956 has a 40+ year long track record in IT and logistics. After joining some outstanding firms, he (co-)owned several consultancy firms specializing in project management and process improvement including SAP implementation and Lean Six Sigma. Now he engages in new business forms, using systems theory, data driven approaches, service oriented architecture and finite economy/ecology concepts.

Thumbiko Shumba African Entrepreneur
Thumbiko Shumba, African Entrepreneur
Thumbiko Shumba had a career as former Deputy Director of Finance in Malawi Government and is now CEO of TK Computers & Consultancy in Malawi that he founded in 2017.
Emmanuel Treku Hospitality and Tourism Expert
Emmanuel Treku, Tourism & Hospitality

Emmanuel Treku is Chief Executive Officer, Chamber for Tourism Industry Ghana with over two decades of exposure in tourism promotion, tourism and hospitality business development.

Pierre Untereiner Visionary and strategic advisor
Pierre Untereiner picture

In 1971, he saw the technological revolution of integrated circuits with the advent of the computer.

With pioneering spirit, visionary, he has been passionate during all his career on how to put at the service of organizations, humanity, the contributions of new technologies.

He naturally advised and assisted institutions and companies from all sectors in different countries in the management of changes and strategic projects.

Jyothi Varma Aviation, Travel & Hospitality Expert
Jyothi Varma, Travel and Hospitality

Jyothi Varma, Director Outreach, JYT Ventures Pvt ltd, is a Travel and Hospitality Industry veteran, with an almost three decades of exposure to corporate travel, GDS, Travel technology, Payment Solutions, Business development, Education session, Events etc.

Mallik Vempati Expert in Aircraft Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (MRO)
Mallik Arjun Vempati, Aviation Expert

For more than 30 years Mallik Vempati enjoyed a career in aerospace & aviation whereof 20 years in service for the Indian Air Force as aircraft engineer for maintenance, modifications, structural repairs, service bulletins, system integration, technical services and IT.

Johannes Volckmann IT Service Management Advisor
Johannes Volckmann, Expert ISO 20000

Johannes Volckmann born 1961 in Locarno, Switzerland and a learned Mathematician. He excels in organizational restructuring of organizations in the light of Digital Transformation as an expert in standards like ISO-20000, ITIL and more.

Kevin Wilson SAP Industry & Traceability Expert
Kevin WIlson, SAP Industry Expert

As a 25 year veteran in SAP, Kevin has led the way in leveraging many of SAP's solutions in innovative ways. A focus on “Doing it Right, First” enables clients to benefit from a faster ROI and lower TCO. Kevin, the founder of ERPGenie.COM (formerly SAPGenie), pioneered the way for many in the industry, by freely sharing key pieces of info with the community. Even today, he continues with this focus on sharing his knowledge with others through the website, speaking and authoring engagements.