With the decades of experience our experts bring in wisdom and a lot of practical insights to help the decision makers of today improving their Digital Strategy.

Ashant Chalasani

Ashant Chalasani is a digitalisation entrepreneur in the renewable energy sector. He has impacted over 200 companies with ERP implementations, significantly boosting efficiency and profitability.

Ashwini Kumar Rath

Ashwini’s unique blend of technical mastery and strategic foresight has been instrumental in pioneering developments in software and technology, especially in green computing and rapid application development. An inspiring speaker and a polymath, Ashwini seamlessly bridges diverse cultures and ideas, reflecting a deep commitment to sustainability and technological advancement.

Prof. Deepak Pathare

Deepak Pathare has a bank of 41 years of multinational industry experience in various lead roles & has extensively travelled to over 70 countries in Asia, EU & Africa. He is a passionate educator & consultant for Global Account Management, Channel Management, Exports / Import & adviser on business development. Over 10 years he was visiting Professor for International business for renowned management schools.

Ramamohan Manamasa

Ram Mohan was born in 1967 in a small town in southern part of India. As a first-generation Entrepreneur he explored various businesses under the sun, tasted failures and few success. Today he runs various successful business for SAP Consulting, INFOR, Industries 4,.0 and IoT and more. With his strong networking skills he built relationships in India and overseas having partner presence in UAE, Europe, North America and Peru.

Frank Löschmann

For 30 years in the development of industrial companies first as an executive in the automotive industry for Volkswagen responsible for the design of new processes and company parts all over the world. In the past 10 years developing companies became the passion and content of his company SisTeam. The focus of the team behind SisTeam is on the implementation of goals with leaders in technology, alignment of leadership teams, and organizational realignments. Frank Löschmann and his team comes after consulting with active implementation.

Geordie Keitt

Geordie Keitt has devoted over twenty-five years to rescuing transformation programs affecting technology, platform, and development methodology through a single-minded devotion to understanding work. During the first wave of web enabled business Geordie championed user-centered design and testing to streamline bloated and aimless webification efforts. He brought XP principles and the Hologramming mindset to high-stakes financial services projects, rejuvenating and launching them. He revives sluggish service offerings in unglamorous areas such as software testing and customer service, turning them into career destinations for ambitious creative techies. 

Geordie’s current passion is rescuing Enterprise Agility Transformations that have run aground. He is eager to channel his passion and knowledge to lead organizations through the inevitable next wave of Regenerative Transformation as the world reinvests in its own health.

All of his successes have come from surfacing the deep structures of work in an initiative, and creating systems that observe and report how well the organization aligns its people, skill, and investment with these structures.

Clients: Perot Systems, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Bridgewater, Intel, Cigna, McKesson, Federal Communications Commission, Eversource

Fiona Coyne

Fiona Coyne is an independent Textiles Sourcing Specialist with a passion for sustainability and CSR. With unparalleled experience in the textile industry and a network spanning three continents, she currently advises companies in the branch as to how best to redesign and optimise their textile supply chain, from fibre to garment.

Prasad Garapati

  • Founder Chairman of InnoCorp. Ltd, India and Innoglobal DMCC Dubai
  • Chairman of Deed Edtech, Kastech Software Solutions, FZCO, Dubai
  • Ex-Chairman of Electronic & Software Promotion Council (ESC) (Sponsored by Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Govt. of India)
  • Ex-Member Managing Committee of Federation of Indian Export Organisations (FIEO)
  • Ex-Chairman of IT & Electronics Task Force Andhra Pradesh
  • Economic Development Board of Govt. of AP
  • Chairman of S.T.E.M Innovations & Skill Development Council Vice
  • Chairman of Telugu Times Media Inc., USA and Patassala Inc., USA.

Emmanuel Treku

Emmanuel Treku is Chief Executive Officer, Chamber for Tourism Industry Ghana with over two decades of exposure in tourism promotion, tourism and hospitality business development.

Mary Anchang

Mrs Mary Anchang is a lawyer by profession specialized in intellectual property, woman entrepreneur, passionate fighter for a better Africa, and Director of African Chamber of Commerce Cameroon. She has the Founding Chair of the African Chamber of Trade and Commerce (ACC) that was created in 2015 with the purpose to innovate and find adapted African solutions to African problems in an all-inclusive manner.