Geordie Keitt

Agile Transformation and Rescue

Geordie Keitt has devoted over twenty-five years to rescuing transformation programs affecting technology, platform, and development methodology through a single-minded devotion to understanding work. During the first wave of web enabled business Geordie championed user-centered design and testing to streamline bloated and aimless webification efforts. He brought XP principles and the Hologramming mindset to high-stakes financial services projects, rejuvenating and launching them. He revives sluggish service offerings in unglamorous areas such as software testing and customer service, turning them into career destinations for ambitious creative techies. 

Geordie’s current passion is rescuing Enterprise Agility Transformations that have run aground. He is eager to channel his passion and knowledge to lead organizations through the inevitable next wave of Regenerative Transformation as the world reinvests in its own health.

All of his successes have come from surfacing the deep structures of work in an initiative, and creating systems that observe and report how well the organization aligns its people, skill, and investment with these structures.

Clients: Perot Systems, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Bridgewater, Intel, Cigna, McKesson, Federal Communications Commission, Eversource