Kevin Wilson

SAP Industry & Traceability Expert

As a 25 year veteran in SAP, Kevin has led the way in leveraging many of SAP's solutions in innovative ways. A focus on “Doing it Right, First” enables clients to benefit from a faster ROI and lower TCO. Kevin, the founder of ERPGenie.COM (formerly SAPGenie), pioneered the way for many in the industry, by freely sharing key pieces of info with the community. Even today, he continues with this focus on sharing his knowledge with others through the website, speaking and authoring engagements.

Kevin and his colleagues are experts in what they do but they pride themselves in leaving folks, not only in a better place from a solution standpoint, but also from a personal "knowledge-gain" standpoint

Kevin Wilson is a Principal SAP Solution Engineer with a primary focus of facilitating solutions for companies experiencing Supply Chain process and traceability challenges. His solutions cover the various applicable toolsets provided by SAP to accomplish real value, whether it is SAP Workflow, SAP Global Batch Traceability (GBT), SAP NetWeaver PI, SAP EDI / ALE / IDoc, ABAP, SAP Object Event Repository (OER), SAP Transportation Management or SAP Event Management (EM). Since 1996 he has utilized these skill sets to help many companies automate their processes and more recently bringing traceability solutions (Track and Trace) through SAP Event Management and SAP OER.

He is an active leader in the SAP Event Management community as the Influence Council representative working with fellow users and SAP to help better the product and also moderates the SAP EM forum on SAP SCN. Kevin is also a very active thought leader and evangelist in both the Traceability and EDI areas and manages the popular portal EDIGenie.COM with exclusive EDI related content.

Kevin speaks regularly at user group meetings and at conferences and has spoken in Massachusetts, Georgia, Florida, Nevada, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Czech Republic, Brazil and France. He regularly gives webinars and training sessions to users on all topics in his area of expertise including SAP Event Management, SAP EM / TM Integration, SAP OER, SAP Workflow, SAP EDI / ALE / ABAP and Supply Chain Management.

Kevin runs several other SAP related on-line communities including ERPGenie.COM and the SAP Community Network’s SAP Event Management Forum.


  • Bachelor’s Degree - Computer Science, Mathematics (1990 - University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa)
  • Diploma in Project Management (1995 - Cum Laude – School of Project Management, South Africa)


  • Expert / Evangelist: SAP EM (SAP Event Management) design, configuration and development with 15+ implementations (since 2006). Expert in SAP EM / TM integration
  • Expert: SAP OER (Object Event Repository) – Product Tracking & Authentication with 2+ implementations
  • Expert / Evangelist: EDI / IDoc config, development, installation and mapping with 8+ full cycle implementations (since 1999)
  • Expert: ABAP, IDocs, dialog, reports, BAPIs, control framework, … “ABAP”ing since 1996
  • Expert: Workflow setup, development and configuration. Development of custom roles, workflow templates, workflow related reporting, objects, methods, … “Workflow”ing since 1996
  • Expert: Certified Blockchain Expert
  • Expert: ALE config and development with 5 full cycle implementations. “ALE”ing since 1996
  • Expert: SAP GBT (Global Batch Traceability) with internal SAP training
  • Strong: Process Observer with SAP OPInt integration knowledge
  • Strong: SAP NetWeaver PI interfaces with 1 full cycle implementation
  • Strong: Functional areas, including SAP TM, BW, SD, MM, FI / CO, QM, WM, AFS


Recent publications

  • See personal “ERPGenie Founder BLOG

Professional Writing:

Professional Speaking:

  • Presented ALE paper at international ALE user group in Boston, 1998
  • Presented many SAP Event Management papers at ASUG and SAP Insider Conferences (USA, Europe and South America)
  • Presented 3hr boot camp session on “Serialized Track and Trace” - SAP Insider SCM conference (2012)

Professional Community presence:

  • Co-Founder (1999) and webmaster of an extensive SAP portal (ERPGenie.COM) providing practical information to fellow SAP and ERP consultants. Kevin’s focus is on education and knowledge sharing
  • Founder of the SAP EM LinkedIn Forum – Over 660 members
  • Established and moderator of the SCN SAP EM forum
  • Moderator for the SCN SAP EM wiki
  • Chairperson of the SAP Event Management Influence Council, 2008
  • Co-chairperson of ALE User Group (South Africa), 1998