Since all the experts are specialists in change management it is hardly a surprise that many an activity of ours is related to Mergers & Acquisition. That is the moment when you need to carve-out a complete working IT landscape, merge redundant software installations and consolidate data with respect to internal relationships. Our activity range from analysing the costs and risks before deciding to act as well as leading the changes of the M&A to not only do the immediately necessary but also the use the transformation process to go one step ahead in Digital Transformation. Our experts are savvy in fiance issues, insolvency treatment, securing IT landscape during a merger or carve-out  and handle the full ERP and SAP consolidation.


Logosworld is a classical German bureau of engineers that since 1984 gives advise when it comes to evaluate the latest technology trends in computing and lends a hand when it comes tom implement Industries 4.0. 


Oumar Seck

Oumar Seck created and owns Emerging Africa Consulting, an international consulting and advisory firm based in Johannesburg with reach in Lagos, Nairobi and Kinshasa for Finance, Entrepreneurship, Private Sector Development (PSD), Oil-Gas-Mining, and Infrastructure. Oumar Seck is presently managing the EU-ACP PSD Platform, a Fund of Fund, as Team Leader and helped build Africa’s Entrepreneurial Finance Infrastructure.