Lynton Grice

Integration Expert

Lynton Grice, born 1979, is a passionate programming artist with close to 20 years of integration and programming experience who is well known amongst his peers as a “troubleshooting and debugging master” and often called upon to solve very complex technical issues and advise decision makers on technology trends and strategy and lead their team of technical resources.

Although the majority of his experience is within the SAP ecosystem, Lynton is more than comfortable getting his hands dirty in a large array of program development in order to solve a business problem giving him outstanding experience to the intrigue of all sort of software development.

Lynton is extremely passionate about what he does and has enjoyed the last 16 years developing and integrating systems within the SAP ecosystem. A true techie at heart, Lynton is not scared of getting his hands dirty in a huge array of languages, tools and frameworks in order to deliver quality solutions to customers. Along his journey Lynton has made some incredible friendships and connections in the industry and is now trying to leverage these quality relationships to help build a brand that people and companies want to associate themselves with...and have fun at the same time!